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Marketing Opportunities for you!

Opportunities for you in the 2008 Make Yorkshire yours magazine!

The ‘Make Yorkshire yours’ magazine is published annually, allowing YTB to promote Yorkshire’s finest attractions all year round through a winning combination of great writing, inspiring photography and factual information that will together make enjoyable reading.

The new magazine will continue to have a contemporary feel and will be designed in a way to encourage people to read it but also to keep for future reference. It is a professional and attractive publication that appeals to the broadsheet reader target audience. This glossy magazine is packed with features written by independent travel writers and journalists.

The Make Yorkshire yours magazine aims to:

  • Feature very distinct reasons to visit Yorkshire throughout the year and appropriately position the Yorkshire brand
  • Promote the unique qualities that Yorkshire has to offer and inspire people to find out more, through the writing, photography and factual information
  • Along with the Yorkshire Accommodation Guide, to provide the consumer with inspiration and the tools at hand to book a break in Yorkshire.

The 2008 Magazine will be distributed throughout the year in response to all YTB marketing activity responses including the current 1.6m MYY national advertising campaign, online enquiries and lead generation activity such as the Christmas Radio Times edition.

In 2008, the Magazine will continue to be backed by the high profile, £1.6 million national awareness campaign, Make Yorkshire yours 2. The campaign to date has generated a high volume of requests for the current Yorkshire Accommodation Guide and Make Yorkshire Yours Magazine.

If you are a visitor attraction, destination, event organiser, catering establishment, retailer, transport provider or tour operator etc and wish to reach a high value target market, we can guarantee exposure to a high volume of visitors through the Make Yorkshire yours magazine.

Welcome to the Yorkshire Directory 2008!

Yorkshire Tourist Board offers an exciting range of opportunities to help you reach potential customers. Whether you want to target consumers, business tourists or group markets, we have something to suit your needs and budget. Your business can also benefit from YTB’s professional expertise and extensive industry knowledge. We offer a range of bespoke business services, including market intelligence and PR consultancy.

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