About YTB

Yorkshire Tourist Board (YTB) is the region’s official tourism agency responsible for representing and helping to generate sustainable tourism for the region’s tourism economy. YTB’s mission statement reflects the very essence of the organisation, “To represent and help generate sustainable business for the region’s tourism industry”.

YTB represents the whole of the Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire tourism industry, with the backing of over 2,700 private sector tourism businesses in membership and the continued support of all of the local authorities in the region.

YTB increasingly operates in a commercial environment but has an overall non-profit making policy. YTB co-ordinates and assists the industry in the development of a quality sustainable tourism product, enabling effective marketing of Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire.

As the region’s official tourism agency, YTB services the needs of the industry through a range of functions such as:

  • Marketing – delivering innovative marketing campaigns targeting specific market segments. Providing destinations with an effective example of best practice to guide and inform marketing activity on a local level. Campaigns prove successful year on year in attracting leisure visitors, travel trade and business tourism to the region.
  • Promotion – supports all YTB’s consumer and business marketing activity by raising awareness of Yorkshire and YTB. An integrated PR campaign is implemented, which includes a series of PR events to stimulate interest in the region and drive forward the region’s strategic agenda.
  • Market Intelligence – collecting and disseminating information and data to ensure the development of the right product to meet the customers’ needs via a mixture of commercial research for the industry and non-commercial research generating trend data.
  • Strategic Planning – ensuring the coherent delivery of both national and regional strategies to maximise opportunities and partnerships.
  • Policy – being the industry voice and representative on all relevant policy issues. YTB strives to both steer policy through constant feedback and liaison with the industry and execute via the strategic agenda.
  • Funding Opportunities – to identify and capture funding to realise opportunities and drive up the quality of the regional tourism product.
  • Branding & Image – YTB is the official keeper of the Yorkshire brand, ensuring that the brand is used effectively and consistently across the region, which work to raise awareness of the brand values of Yorkshire to the consumer.
  • Tourist Information Centres – YTB has a role to oversee the region’s Tourist Information Centres (TICs) network criteria to ensure that minimum standards are maintained.
  • Advice/Guidance & Training – to improve businesses’ quality, efficiency and profitability.
  • Membership Services – to provide an effective two-way communication channel between YTB and the private sector. The scheme provides members with additional benefits, which result in both cost savings and increased business.
  • Commercial Operations – to generate income to support YTB’s work and integrated activity schedule, which aim to represent and help generate sustainable business for the region’s tourism industry.
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