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Make Yorkshire yours 2
In January 2007, Yorkshire Tourist Board launched the 2nd phase of the exciting £1.6 million national awareness marketing campaign, funded by Yorkshire Forward, to continue the success of the first campaign and drive even more new visitors to the Yorkshire region.

The results from MYy1 far exceeded the targets. Here are the high level figures:


  • 17% conversion
  • £24m expenditure
  • 8:1 Return on Investment

Actual results:

  • 54% conversion
  • £42.9m expenditure
  • 15:1 Return on Investment
  • 65% first time enquirers
  • £447 spend per trip

Following on from the great success from MYy1 the new �1.6million campaign has tough targets to beat! The campaign will run from January 2007 to March 2008. The aim of this new campaign is to continue the momentum generated with MYy 1 by continuing to raise awareness of the Yorkshire as a short break destination amongst our domestic target markets and to encourage visits to the region amongst these markets. In addition we aim to increase the average spend per trip and look to generate year round visits to the region.

The target markets that have been identified for MYy 2 are similar to those from MYy 1 however we have since incorporated the Ark Leisure segments that were developed as part of the Regional Marketing Strategy for Yorkshire & Humber

Therefore our primary target market is:

  • Affluent couples
  • London, South & Midlands
  • 45+
Our secondary audience is:

  • ABC 1 couples
  • London, SE & Midlands
  • 25-44
  • Cosmopolitans
    • Strong, active, confident
    • Style & brand important, but as an expression of their self made identity.
    • High spenders especially on innovation and technology
    • Looking for new challenges, new experiences, Globetrotters
  • Discovers
    • Independent in mind and action
    • Little influenced by style or brand but interested in new options
    • Buy on function and value to them
    • Looking for new and educational experiences
  • Traditional’s
    • Self reliant internally referenced
    • Slow to adopt new options
    • Orientation towards traditional values
    • Value individual attention & service

The message and tone of voice used within the new campaign is the same personal call to action – come and make a piece of Yorkshire yours. However the campaign has moved forward with the inclusion of the pride angle. This is to emphasis that Yorkshire people has a great reason to feel proud of their heritage and the campaign used strong imagery and message to convey their pride to potential visitors to Yorkshire.

This new campaign kicked off just after Christmas 2006 with a burst of TV (view the TV advert) and a series of prominently place press advertisement. The TV advert was shown across Sky, ITV digital, Channel 4 digital and various UKTV channels such as UKTV Gold and Living TV. To date the response to the first burst of TV and press has way out performed initial targets.

The overall campaign will include a full mx of media activity. The first direct mail is due to go out in February following by the launch of online banner advertisement from May onwards. A pay per click campaign will launch in May to drive additional traffic to To complement all activity a full PR campaign is in place.

In addition a series of partnership marketing pieces are currently being investigated. The first piece will be a Guardian supplement in partnership with GNER and EnjoyEngland. This will be out on Saturday 3rd March.

The magazine that accompanies the campaign ‘Make Yorkshire yours’ was published in December 2006 and continues to be the fulfillment piece along with the accommodation guide for all responses. The magazine has given tourism businesses much more opportunity to get involved with and benefit from the overall campaign. All inspected hotels, guesthouses, B&B’s, self catering apartments, caravan and camping sites, youth hostels and bunk barns that are listed on have in addition benefited from the addition traffic volume that has received as a result of the campaign activity.

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