Customer profiling

Target – the Direct Tourism Marketing solution

The processes and techniques involved in customer profiling look at the union of geo-demographics (age, social grade, house type, income etc), with geography (postcode area, town, county etc.) and also include specific tourism and lifestyle behaviours, most attractive messages and the best media choices.

The YTB Market Intelligence team have recently invested in the powerful Micromarketer G3, a well-established and industry standard profiling software that develops geo-demographic and lifestyle information via the well known MOSAIC UK classifications and combines this with powerful mapping tools. The software has been developed by Experian, who over the last 20 years has established themselves as the world’s leading supplier of consumer segmentation. The software itself; Micromarket G3, takes its place amongst a global network of MOSAIC segmentation that classifies a billion people worldwide, and makes it the classification of choice for over 10,000 organisations.

This form of analysis can be done in two ways:

1. Using traditional segmentation exercises to determine the target market and taking that information to a geo-demographic supplier to enhance information and gain access to relevant markets

2. Profile a customer/visitor database to produce a profile showing numbers of visitors within each classification and where they come from in the UK in order to attract ‘like-minded’ people

Depending on future business strategies and the needs of the client both processes outlined above are valid and profitable uses of geo-demographics.

The main reason for linking MOSAIC Classifications with the traditional segmentation process is the desire to link ‘above-the-line’ targets with ‘below-the-line’ data, for mailing and/or sales promotional purposes.

The use of this method should be used alongside other marketing/research practices to establish an inherent supply and share of information.

Using geo-demographics and lifestyle databases (MOSAIC UK) will improve the quality and depth of your target market information. The analysis results will also enable you to easily identify and locate your target markets.

During the last few years the system has undergone some extremely important changes, so much so that instead of limiting analysis to only using the MOSAIC UK classifications that YTB couple this with their Tourism knowledge to provide a bigger picture of the market environment and offer sound recommendations based on them both.

This tailored analysis combined with the mapping element allows the client to build a clear understanding of the lifestyles and life stages of visitors, of potential visitors. This information can then be used as the basis for future marketing strategies and campaigns most obviously direct mail but also when choosing which newspapers to advertise in, radio/TV regions etc. We can even supply full contact details for prospective clients based on top performing types or numerous other criteria, thus supplying a comprehensive Direct Marketing Solution.

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