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Occupancy survey statistics

Occupancy Surveys are completely free and confidential and compare like businesses with like. To find out how individual businesses measure up all it takes is a few minutes of time to fill in a simple return each month and the YTB Research team will do the rest. It really is that easy! Already over 500 tourism businesses are sharing information and more participants are needed.

YTB has been undertaking ongoing Occupancy Surveys of all types of accommodation for many years and since January 1997 as part of the United Kingdom Occupancy Survey.

In order to attract a share of Government and EU funding for tourism in the region, accurate statistical information is needed. This research is invaluable in providing proof of the demand for the region’s tourism product and its supporting services.

As part of the UK Occupancy Survey, it is possible to examine Yorkshire’s bed, room and bedspace occupancy by type of establishment in context with other regions. The survey provides operators with their own individual results for the month and has always been of interest to participants, particularly where the sample size is sufficient to analyse the data at district level.

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