Our Target Audiences

Although certain markets provide the opportunity for quick-wins in terms of revenue generation, for sustainable growth and profitability it is important to focus on achieving a balanced visitor profile that encompasses higher value growth markets. At the top level this means attracting more business tourism and international visitors while seeking to grow the return from our core domestic market by focusing on high value visitors.

Leisure tourism target segments:

  • Affluent short-break takers from London, South East and the Midlands
  • Day visitors and affluent short-break takers from within the Yorkshire region
  • Core European markets and profitable international markets with potential for growth, e.g. USA, Australasia
  • Emerging international markets e.g. China, India and Eastern Europe
  • Special interest markets – wherever there is potential to generate a high return on investment

Business tourism target segments:

We will focus on attracting meetings, conferences and exhibitions to the region from the following segments:

  • National associations
  • Corporate organisations
  • Conference and meeting intermediaries
  • International associations
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