This document is a summary of an in-depth tourism marketing strategy for Yorkshire and Humber prepared by Yorkshire Tourist Board in consultation with the tourism industry and key stakeholders. Designed to have a significant impact on the region’s economy, the strategy will deliver measurable increases in tourism-generated revenue. By working together, targeting high value markets and focusing on our customers needs, we have the potential to become England’s number one, regional destination.
Partnership is key to reaching this ambitious, yet achievable target. Everyone involved in the region’s future in both the public and private sector – across tourism, culture and all elements of the visitor economy – has a role to play.

Fortunately, the region has an excellent foundation on which to build. Big, beautiful and extraordinarily diverse. Steeped in history and tradition yet also vibrant and dynamic with an exciting mix of city and rural destinations. And a strong regional brand, known for being straight talking, warm and welcoming. This strategy illustrates how tourism will contribute towards building a sustainable future for the region’s economy, community and environment.

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