Tourism Authority Forum (TAF)

The Tourism Authority Forum (TAF) has representation from local authorities and both national and regional agencies. The TAF will meet throughout the year focusing on strategic issues facing the tourism industry.

TOG and TAF members will also serve on the Tourism Council alongside the 15 members of YTB’s Board and 5 other regional and national representatives from VisitBritain, Yorkshire Forward, Yorkshire Culture, Department for Culture, Media & Sport and Yorkshire & Humber Assembly. These will be the 70 legal members of YTB as a company; with voting rights at the AGM and control over the Memorandum and Articles.

Members of the TAF include:

Judith Donovan CBE Chairman DIY Direct Marketing
Amanda Potter Culture, Media & Sport Representative Government Office for Yorkshire & The Humber
Andy Tordoff Head of Rural Renaissance and Tourism Yorkshire Forward
Cllr Alan Holgate Member
Cllr Alec Vodden
Cllr Carl Les Member
Cllr Charles Hall
Cllr Chris Rosling-Josephs Council Member Sheffield City Council
Cllr D Gemmell Member
Cllr D Jeffels Member
Cllr I Colquhoun
Cllr Jane Evison Member
Cllr Jean Butterfield Member
Cllr John Fort Member
Cllr Mark Hemmingway TAF Member
Cllr Miss P Anderson Council Member
Cllr Mrs Carter Tourism Council
Cllr Mrs Jeffery Tourism Council
Cllr Mrs S Walker Member
Cllr Paul English
Cllr Richard Dunn Deputy Leader of the Council
Cllr Richard Hall Member
Cllr Ruth Sayner
Cllr Stephen Macare
Cllr Stewart Golton
Cllr Tony Hall Tourism Council
Cllr Tony Sockett Member
Colin Moore Chief Executive
Duncan Graham Head of Marketing, Communication & Tourism
Elaine Stuart Director of Cultural Projects Yorkshire Culture
Jenny Poxon Principle Planner Yorkshire and Humber Assembly
Simon Bradley General Manager – England Customer Relationships VisitBritain

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